4 weeks old: Miss Marlo

Monday, May 27, 2013

Each Monday night I get pretty emotional thinking about the night Marlo was born. She's 4 weeks old tonight and sweet as ever.  She giggles in her sleep and makes the tiniest little sighs when she nurses.  When nursing, her eyes often seem to be asking, "Is this ok?"  Yes, Little Mama.  You're perfect.  When super relaxed, which is often, she sleeps  with her arms splayed above her head, like goal posts or as my brother called it, roller coaster arms.  She still loves baths and looking intensely at you.  She loves car rides, although has been known to cry at stop lights.  She is so easy going and I just hope she stays that way and doesn't pick up bad habits from her mama.  I can't believe it's been 4 weeks already.  I love her so much.

First Mother's Day

Sunday, May 12, 2013

MAGICAL.  Eric made me blueberry and banana pancakes in bed.  I felt well enough to nap with Marlo on my chest, the best thing ever.  We walked to the farmers market on Divisadero and it felt so great to be outdoors.  Eric bought me bunches of flowers and arranged them throughout the house.  A trip to The Mill and friendly barista exclaiming, "You had your baby!" And then, "Welcome to the world, Marlo!"

We are also just continuing our routine of reading Gone Girl out loud to each other during and in between nursing.  Marlo seems to dig it, as well!

Our Baby Girl! <3<3<3

Meet Marlo Joanne Costa Katerman ("Mar" after my father & "Joanne" for Eric's grandmother).  Born April 29, 7:23 pm.  9lbs, 12oz! 20.5 inches long.  We are all healthy and in absolute love.  I'll update with a birth story soon.  I will just say for now that even though things did not follow our "plan," the experience was amazing.  Recovery has been a bit challenging, but I am so incredibly grateful to be able to hold my sweet baby girl and grasp her tiny fingers as she nurses.  Indescribable.  Lovelovelove.

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