Miss Marlo: 9 Months!

Monday, February 3, 2014



She looks SO much like her papa in this one!

As as an English teacher/mama, this picture of her at the library is my dream come true.

MissLady just started pulling herself up to standing.  She's only done it a handful of times so far so I hope it continues.  She also crawled on her hands and knees for a very short distance today, but I'm counting it.  She's on the move so much now.  A few days ago, she started trying to climb our stairs!  She even wakes up in the middle of the night and starts rolling and crawling around, trying out all of her new skills.  I don't try to hurry her back to sleep, so far it's worked out where I can half sleep while she's partying, then nurse her back to sleep when she's ready.  

We had her 9 month check up and she's doing great.  I feel very lucky that we like our pediatrician so much.  She pointed out that Marlo's two front top teeth are coming in and that makes sense because the baby's been noticeably more irritable lately.  We'll get through it, little sweetie.

Miss Marlo: 8 Months!

By eight months, Marlo started crawling!  She began with a combo of the yogas pose "cobra" and an army crawl--dragging herself forward on her belly with outstretched open palms.  It happened when my BFF was visiting us and felt extra special.  Now she does a full army crawl and booty scootch.  Not crawling on her hands and knees yet, but not even sure if that will happen since all babies crawl differently.  She's also pulling herself up onto her knees by grabbing onto furniture or other things.   

She finally cut her first teeth!  The bottom right was first and the bottom left followed a few days after.   

Here's Marlo at Recess.  Note the small red mark on her forehead from being more mobile and falling.  That's what these days are all about lately.  On this day, she had discovered that stop sign was on a hinge and kept swinging it back and forth.  We've been going to Recess several times a week.  I like taking her from 4-6 pm.  She'd typically be bored at home, but gets to explore and watch or play with other babes.  I get to chat with adults, too, so it's a win win.

BabyButt Sunday

Was there a football game yesterday?  We went to the Academy of Sciences where we some some penguins, and checked out the exhibit on Africa.  Marlo stood for quite awhile (I placed her there--she's still working on regularly pulling herself up), then cried because she couldn't get down. :)

We just became members.  It's great with the baby since we can go back anytime and there's no pressure to see everything in one day.

We tried to take her to the planetarium, but learned it's only for 4 years & up!  Papa went while Marlo and I looked at the animals.  Maybe I'll go next time.  I want to learn about dark matter and dark energy, too!

I have a confession.  After the museum, the baby was napping so we drove to In 'N Out in Daly City.  Eric went in and ordered and so as not to wake the baby, we decided to let the car run the whole time.  Ironically, there's no such thing as getting in and out of In 'N out quickly, so the car running for probably a good 20 minutes.  And it worked!  The baby stayed asleep and we were able to enjoy our food.  We were not kind to the environment, but the burgers were so tasty.  Worst part: would I do it again?  Yes.    

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