Miss Marlo: 6 Months!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Six months is a big milestone to reach.  Sweetie has started eating real food!  She started swimming lessons!  She can go in a jogging stroller (though we have yet to purchase one)!  She's sitting up more by herself lately, not for too long, but each day she gets stronger and stronger.

She still loves baby rhyme time at the public libraries and we're still making the rounds.  Her favorite is Jim at the main library.  The man is so great with the babies and deserves his own children's show!  Marlo loves the song in Spanish where we walk, hop, and run (caminando, salta, corre).  I still love watching her watch scarves blow in the wind.  Her face really does light up.

We're trying out baby led weaning with her, and so far so good!  It is so impressive--her first food has been carrots and she just eats sliced, steamed carrots, even though she doesn't have teeth yet.  We're going to try steamed broccoli next.  The book on it has these wild pictures of other babies chomping away at foods I would have never guessed babies could eat on their own, like broccoli stalks, raw apples, and bread.

On her 6 month birthday, we went to the doctor and we're always thankful when we hear that all's great and baby's healthy.  Poor sweetie got 4 shots that day--it pains me to type that, but she still seemed in good spirits so we went to her second swim lesson later that day.  She did great and is already so much more comfortable in the water!  During her bath that evening, she rested and floated on her back for the first time without trying to arch and keep her ears out of the water.  It's so cool to see her adapt so quickly!

Update: 1 week later and she's conquering so many new skills! She sits up for extended periods of time now and even kicked the soccer ball back and forth with me! And by luck, I mean tapped and pushed with her foot.  My new favorite thing is how she reaches her little arm out of the carrier to grab things now.  It surprised me so much the first time!

Baby Rhyme Time


Baby Rhyme Time is a free music class offered at the local libraries in SF.  Marlo loves songs so we are the Baby Rhyme Time groupies over here.  We make the rounds and check out different libraries each week, depending on our schedule.  There's an open play time after singing and now that Marlo's sitting up all on her own, we've been staying (she used to get crawled on by the other mobile babes!).  Two weeks ago, we went to the Eureka Valley branch by 16th and Market, which I'd driven by a million times and never realized was a library!  It was such a beautiful November day that they held it outside and here's Marlo chomping on some soft blocks in the sunshine during play time.  We tried to go back this week in the rain, but it was cancelled because the librarian was sick.  After Thanksgiving, you'll see us back on the circuit.  

I'm really trying to work on getting Marlo more comfortable around folks who are not her mama or papa.  I hope activities like this are helping and, of course, we just love going to the libraries.

Hott husband

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My husband is hott, no joke.  He's even hotter when rocking a 3-piece suit and baby carrier! I can't get enough of these pics of him in his suit, taking care of our baby.  These are from our friends' beautiful wedding this weekend at the Palace of Fine Arts (and reception on a ship!).

Mama Do

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Chopped off my hair and it feels great!  Went to my hairdresser with my usual pics of Cat Deeley (that woman rocks long layers) and then decided last minute to be brave and go for a longish bob.  I still have fantasies about going with a shorter pixie, but this is a good transition for now.  Plus, I know from experience that pixie cuts make for cold ears during winter.  Anyhow, so much time is saved with washing, combing, and styling, even though I can do most of my same long hair styles from before.  I'm really glad my hairdresser encouraged me to cut more off--it feels so much better!

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