Buena Vista Park

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

As I promised myself, I walked the the peak of Buena Vista Park yesterday (it's 1 block behind our apartment!) and the views were amazing.  I love that this treasure is so close.  The moment you step inside the park, squirrels abound and damp soil underfoot smells of the forest.  It's a popular dog park, too, so I get to spy all kinds of cute pups while getting on my afternoon read.  

Baby's first spoons

Monday, October 29, 2012

My darling BFF gave me the heads up that Candystore Collective is having a big sale because they are closing up their brick and mortar shop.  Being in the Mission this past Friday to meet a girlfriend for delicious lunch, I stopped in.  They have pretty clothes and really cool jewelry, but I couldn't resist these tiny wooden spoons for the lil' one.  

Now I'm off to my neighborhood burrito spot for some beans and rice--or iron.  Then I plan on walking up to the top of Buena Vista Park for a little cardio before yoga.  It's gorgeous again in the city.  I guess October is the month of San Francisco summer!  I lovelovelove it.  I count on it being nice and sunny at the peak so I can check out this book.  

High five!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This tiny little hand does a number on my heart.

Mascarpone mac n' cheese

Friday, October 19, 2012

On my way to Sur la table to invest in a cast iron skillet so that I can make this!  I was one of the many people who pinned this crazy delicious looking recipe a few weeks ago.  

I remembered how much I love mascarpone this past weekend when we were in Portland for my BFF's wedding.  One morning, we enjoyed breakfast at the Waffle Window. I went uber sweet with this mascarpone + blueberry heavenly concoction, called the blueberry cheesecake waffle.  Mascarpone is so sweet and the texture so light that it's easy to eat way too much of it. 

I'm making the 4 cheese mac n' cheese for a much anticipated game night with some of my favorite people.  Wish me luck on the recipe!    

Growing family <3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am absolutely overwhelmed with happiness to share that Eric and I are expecting our first baby!!!  As of yesterday, I am 14 weeks, which means I have just begun my second trimester.  I have been going often to prenatal yoga classes and am grateful for this new-to-me community of mama-to-be's.  I've even been feeling well enough to go to my old regular classes one or two times a week.  I am so excited to meet our baby and don't even get me started on ALL of the books that I am planning for the lil' one's library!!  At each ultrasound appointment we've had, I've teared up every time we hear the little heartbeat or see images of tiny hands and feet.  We've chosen a midwife at the UCSF Birthing Center and I feel fortunate that our insurance is allowing us this option.  Overall, THANKFULNESS is the feeling in my heart.  

While I dearly miss my old job as an English teacher in an Austin, TX,  public middle school, I am extremely grateful for this time to rest and listen to my body.  The first trimester was a bit rough with what seemed like never-ending nausea, but as I begin to feel like my old self again I plan on finding some part-time tutoring or subbing gigs.  It will feel good to be inspired by kiddos again and feel that fire that comes from helping students "get" new concepts, gain confidence, and grow in their love of learning.  My heart quickens as I think about how I'll soon be a full-time teacher for our own sweet baby!

Persepolis dress, TTFN

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Heading into Berkeley today to meet a girlfriend for lunch, which means I should stop by Anthropologie to return my beloved "Persepolis" dress. I picked this up last week while shopping for a dress to wear to my BFF's wedding in Portland later this month. So this is not the dress I bought to wear to her wedding, but something I couldn't keep myself from bringing along to the register after trying it on, seeing its super sale price, and its deal sealer: POCKETS. 

I remember loving this dress when I first saw it this summer, but not willing to drop the hefty $168. I love its cheery colors and most of all the amazing print whose faces remind me of characters from Marjane Satrapi's, Persepolis! It's been awhile since I've read or seen those graphic novels so maybe my memory is a bit off, but these faces are so cool regardless. Sadly, there is no room in my budget for this dress--even after its $40 sale price--so I will pretend I own it with this picture. Persepolis dress, it was fun while it lasted!

UPDATE: It turns out that because the dress I purchased for my BFF's wedding went on sale and Anthro honored the price adjustment, I was able to keep this fun dress.  I've been making it work for fall by layering it with a shirt, tights, and boots.  It's also a bit roomy for my usual size so I'm hoping I'll be able to wear it through my 2nd trimester.  Hoorah for interesting prints and sales!  

Beaching with My-se-elf

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happiest Day in SF so far!!! 85 degrees and I'm walking alongside the ocean in shorts!!  The ocean sounds, the sea smells, the dogs digging holes in the sand and running around!


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