Horror movies & save the dates!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We went to Aberdeen & Horacio's for a pumpkin carving party and screening of bad horror movies (!). First up was Troll 2. No joke, that movie is amazingly bad! EK and I were joking about how confused we were from one scene to the next. The ear of corn turning into popcorn to stand in for sexy time was incredible.

I need to drag my coworkers with me to see the third Paranormal Activity movie. I was on a horror movie hiatus for a few years, but I'm coming back!

And this is something exciting: Eric & I finished the design for our save the dates today!! I came up with the idea and he executed. Now we just need to get some blank brown parchment postcards and hire someone to screen print the design in white ink. Hopefully we can afford to do so--otherwise, we'll be emailing these babies out. :D

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May the odds be ever in your favor

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hunger Games/Katniss Everdeen Halloween preview thanks to my school's Literacy Night. The Academic Dean even brought me a bow!

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Stretching summer

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's only 80 degrees; fall has arrived in Austin! Seriously though, the weather today was absolute perfection. We had the windows open and no a/c for the first time in months.


I love me some warm and even hothothot weather, but this was a welcome change. Knowing it will cool down soon though, I took this as the last opportunity of the season to wear this watermelon-ee dress to a friend's party.

Chelsea picked it out for me while Erin and I were visiting her in Point Loma and I love it. I hadn't seen the brand since living in Venice. When we found it a day or two before I was to be reunited with my Italy ladies, I took it as a good sign. It's pretty tight, but makes me feel early to mid nineties--in a good way--if there is such a thing!

Sisley dress, Nine West wedge booties (Buffalo Exchange)

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