Double vision

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Now the Foreigner song is in my head!

Kid summers

This past week, my moms was up visiting from San Diego and I got to spend a good amount of time with her, my bro, and my sis.

On Sunday, EK and I went to the Treasure Island Flea Market with our good friend Masashi and his friends. With family on my mind, I guess I was especially drawn to the old metal Tonka trucks. My brother, Marvin, would have full blown miniature construction sites in our backyard with a dozen or so Tonkas put to work on huge mounds of dirt. With my pops being an operating engineer of life-sized CATS, the permeation of these toys in our yard was inevitable.

I saw the otter pops later in the afternoon while weekly grocery shopping. I remember Strawberry Short Cook was my fav, based on looks alone for sure. (Although, I bet the lime guy probably tastes the best. I don't think I'll find out anytime soon as I'd now opt for a hippy version.) We probably snacked on these while playing in the dirt with Tonkas. But look, otters were cute even before we knew they held hands!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quiet mornings with delicious breakfasts

Saturday, August 18, 2012

This morning when we woke, Eric suggested waffles!  We had them with fresh blueberries and this wonderful honey walnut butter that Yvonne (EK's mamma) brought us from the farmer's market on the Santa Monica Pier.  

The day is just getting started and it's so nice already!  Now I'm going to pickup a bit and meet up with some amazing friends who have just returned home after spending their summer in Tunisia.  I can't wait to hear their stories!  


Friday, August 17, 2012

I spied that lil' abandoned guy in Alamo Square Park the other day while joyfully dog watching with my sweet mother-in-law.  He reminded me of this and caused the song to find its way out of the stretches of my memory.

I had an amazing time the past few days exploring the bay area with Eric's mamma.  I'll post some highlights soon.  I was sad to drop her off at the airport last night, but I think we'll get to see her again soon so my heart is light.   

This weekend I'm looking forward to:

1. LadyDate with Hannah <3 here
2. Alamo Square Park Flea Market (combination of so many things I love!)
3. 2.5 hour hip-opening workshop with my favorite yoga instructor
4. Enjoying home cooked vegan nomz and a scrabble game with dear friends

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Sweet Husband and Mamma-in-Law at Tartine

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three Good Things

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1. This lil'guy in the Little Otsu shop window
2. Chocolate-dipped honeycomb candy bar that is super similar to this favorite from my childhood
3. Doing my hairs like Felix (you don't want to know how many times MC has made me cry this season!!)

Four Barrel in Alamo Square Park

Saturday, August 11, 2012

This morning has been the best since we arrived in the city just under a month ago! We woke, walked to the Four Barrel in our neighborhood, chatted with the lovely folks there, had amazing $3 toast and coffee ($3 just for the toast; it is the best toast you'll ever have), and walked a block up to Alamo Square Park where we ate breakfast and feasted our eyes on the massive dog party underway.

It's so sunny and gorgeous in the city today! Have a wonderful weekend, LoveHeads!!

Be still my heart: Bill Callahan

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last night I was once again blown away by the silver fox who is Bill Callahan.  Last night, were caught his tour documentary and a short set at the Vogue Theatre.  He has been stealing my heart since I was a starry-eyed teenager.  In a great coincidence for me, we moved to Austin around the same time in 2005.  Over the years I was able to catch many of his shows, including the above in-store at Waterloo Records (remember, Susan?!) and him opening for The Swell Season at The Paramount (a perfect memory from when Eric and I first started dating!).  Above is an oldie of his and the cover by Chan Marshall.    

He was pretty humorous last night.  This being the last leg of a brief tour of LA, Big Sur, and SF, an audience member asked if he liked Big Sur (redwoods + ocean).  To which he responded in his cheeky monotone, "I'm the only person who doesn't like Big Sur."  Then, "I've seen better."  :)   

He is sososo impressive live; please go see him if you have the opportunity!

BTW, I had no idea this was going on, but how cool?!!  And he helps teach youngins to write?  Be still my heart. 

San Francisco Magic

Monday, August 6, 2012

Some evenings, my husband comes home from work, picks up his yellow accordion and begins playing. And sometimes, there's a pink San Francisco sunset in the background.

Grey Sunday Mornings

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's raining and this makes Sunday morning lattes even better. There's a reason why her nickname is Snuggle Boo.

I'm planning on baking some chocolate chip cookies for start up friends who are coming over this afternoon. I thought I might try a NY Times Best Cookie recipe on the ol' Pinterest, but they require multiple types of flours, a mixer with paddle attachment, and chopping the chocolate chunks (one swears that choco chips are not good enough). :)  I bet the extra effort is worth it, but it's just a bit more work than I'm ready to dive into on this lazy Sunday--plus we definitely do not yet own a fancy schmancy kitchenaid mixer.  Our friends will have to settle for a recipe from my go-to, the Joy of Cooking, which has not failed me yet. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Warby Parker?

Friday, August 3, 2012

warby parker frames.  banana republic cardigan.  hunt gather style necklace.

Are these Warby Parker frames the ones?  I've been girl crushing on Naomi Davis of Rockstar Diaries and have loved her large tortoise shell frames for ages.  I tried these on back in April at the SXSW Warby Parker Showcase.  Two of my girlfriends have Warby Parker frames and I'm always blown away by how cute they are in person, too (Eri, these are not the same as yours, ya?).  I suppose it's not fair to only provide one option, but these are the only tortoise shells I've tried.  

I wear contacts ALL the time and my eyes would probably appreciate a break, especially in the evenings when reading in bed.  Currently, I either fall asleep with contacts in or place the book so close to my face that my nose grazes the pages (I'm extremely nearsighted)!  Do you have recommendations of other frames that are similar to this style that I should try?  Or are these good enough to go for?  What say you?     

To change topics, here are some pretty succulents and yellow flowers just outside our front door.  Happy Friday, Y'all!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girrrrrrl, those blasted jeans finally went on sale and even though they were still a pretty penny, I went for it!  This payday (Disclaimer: That song is awesome, but I do not endorse its many drug references. :D) was an extra nice one for many teachers.  We received our hard-earned stipends & bonuses for the year.  I did something that felt GREAT: I paid my mom the money I owed her.  She had graciously lent me enough to purchase my trusty Toyota Corolla and now my car is paid off--woot!  I took the remaining money and splurged on these polka dot jeans.  I've had my eye on these since my LadyLoves and I tried them on our very first day of summer break.  I've also budgeted for them and will not be making any more clothing purchases for a few months. 

I didn't think I'd end up with the coral ones, but they were sold out in my size in grey, and the navy with larger dots weren't especially flattering on me.  I tried the coral just to see, but really ended up liking them on.  I've also been searching for the perfect pair of red jeans for many moons.  They are really soft and stretchy, which equals comfortable.  Even though I look like the above pics when I wear them, I'll pretend I look like Jessica Alba in these red hott jeans:

The day kept getting better and better.  I headed out to San Leandro to visit my bro, his girlfriend who had just returned from a study abroad trip in Kyoto, and Esme (my brother is taking care of my kitty for the year, as we're at cat capacity in our city apartment).  I also enjoyed a coveted dose of sunshine.  It's usually around mid 60s in SF, but it was a wonderful 80 degrees at my brother's house!  I loved getting to see Esme enjoying his backyard.  It was also sweet to see her following her new buddy Sophie, my brother's dog who is a mellow beagle mix.  

After being there a bit, I found Marvin (my bro) had pulled my car into his driveway and was washing it!  It had needed a good washing, but I was in no way expecting him to wash it for me.  He even vacuumed the inside and changed the cabin filter.  It was so nice.  I felt like a kid returning home from college and enjoying the comforts of being home.

Later that evening, I met Eric and friends for a delicious vegan dinner at Gracias Madre in the Mission.   Everything was so good, and look at that heaping pile of kale!  I've been trying to eat more leafy greens. I'm pretty sure I met the quota that night.  Hoorah for a wonderful day filled with sunshine, family, and friends.

Yoga Girl

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This video totally makes me smile.  It's the same doods who did the super funny Whole Foods Parking Lot.  There are many "yoga girls" in my neighborhood, carrying yoga mats & wearing leggings + Toms--including me.  :)  The only reason I also don't wear Toms is that my feet are too sweaty and my Toms would stink up the town!  Aren't you glad you know that about me now?  

I've been doing all kinds of yoga (for me at least, about 3 or more times a week) lately at Yoga Garden right by my apartment.  I'm trying the unlimited pass for a month and have been going to different classes.  It's challenging for me because different teachers tell you different things and everyone says to do "what's right for you."  But since I'm sort of new to the more intense yoga at this place (I'm more used to huge classes at 24 hr fitness where students didn't get too many individual corrections), I don't yet know what's right for me.  Today I tried a beginner Ashtanga class, which I really did like, but the teacher said it was OK I hunched my shoulders if it meant I could get into the poses.  Whereas my other Hatha Flow teacher emphasizes to NOT hunch, even if it means you are barely doing the pose.  With the Hatha class, I like to feel like I'm doing it correctly, but don't have much patience with myself when I can't even touch my toes without slouching/rounding my shoulders.  With the Ashtanga class, it felt good to get my heart rate up and participate in more poses, but I worry that improper form will be bad for me in the long run.  Anyhow, that's all.  I have liked every class I've been to, so I'll just keep going and keep trying to "listen" to my body. 

Since I'm on hippy subjects now, I'll also just share that this is my new favorite beverage.  I should make it at home and probably will try soon, but while I'm being lazy it's pretty good!  The ingredients are just celery, cucumber, spinach, mustard greens, kale, collard greens, and parsley.  It does taste like a liquid garden at first, but I've grown to really like the taste.  I wasn't a huge fan of kombucha at first, either, but that's another expensive fad drink that I was addicted to.  Of course, coconut water is another place my dollars disappear to.  Though, I try not to drink too much of the latter because of the sugars and my sweet fang ensures that I already get enough sugar elsewhere.

And let's just keep it real, Folks.  I even out the hippy with my LOVE my super carne asada burritos.  I've been going to The Little Chihuahua (above) and getting burritos almost every day.  Kinda normal for California, but I better watch it.  The Little Chihuahua even has plantain burritos!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  You know I already tried one.  It was good, but I'm thinking a more protein heavy rito may be a better choice for me.  

Let me just leave you with this burrito gem from Anchorman--filmed in my hometown of Sandy Eggo, BROSEPH!!:

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