36 wks + Pt. Reyes = yurt, horses, sunshine, and cut-offs!

Monday, March 25, 2013

"Your baby is about the size of a bowling ball and weighs approximately 6 lbs." -Sprout

We are relaxing on our last babymoon in a yurt in Pt. Reyes. We began the morning by waking up to views of green, rolling hills and horsies! After breakfast, a bit of prenatal yoga with amazing views, and reading in the sunshine, we headed into town for a super lunch at The Station House Cafe. EK has work (so do I, but I'm giving myself today and tomorrow off) so were back in the cozy yurt. I'm going to read and nap while he TCBs. He may enjoy the hot tub later and I'll just be jealous since it's a pregnant lady no no.

Tonight, we're going to watch Otto Preminger's, Anatomy of a Murder.  It stars my man, Jimmy Stewart, and an original score by Duke Ellington.  Tomorrow, we plan on seeing wild flowers at Chimney Rock. I love it here.

New Age Knee Highs

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Inspired by pictures of Nile's (hilarious midwife who is teaching our SF Home Birth Collective class) mom's home birth of her in which mama's wearing comfy 70s tube socks, I treated myself to these beauties today in downtown Point Reyes.

We're just listening to the new JT album and reading-- in the YURT! Niceness.

35 weeks + Crazy Eyes

Monday, March 18, 2013

A friend said this picture looks fake.  I think she's right!  Earlier in my pregnancy, I used to look at all the super pregnant ladies in my prenatal yoga class and think that it looked like they were just hiding a basketball under their shirts.  Now that's me.  It's strange to have your body be so different, but I'm trying to enjoy this body while I have it--complete with all the noises I make when I need to bend down, get out of bed, or roll over on my side.  

This weekend, Eric and I caught a matinee at the Roxie of Birth Story, a documentary about Ina May Gaskin.  My friend, Sara, recommended her book when I first found out I was pregnant.  It's been the best book I've read so far on the subject.  Her chapter on sphincter law makes so much sense!  The film was filled with different women delivering their children naturally so it was quite inspirational (it also contained an interesting subplot about Ina May's husband, essentially being their group's spiritual or what I'll just go ahead and call "cult" leader--those 70s hippies!).  It was also good for us to see how--for lack of a better descriptive--"dead" so many babies seem when they are first born.  It's not like the movies; they are purple, blue, still, and silent!  Knowing this in advance will hopefully help us be less scared in those first few moments.  

On Sunday, we met a friend for brunch at Plow.  Arriving around 11, we had to wait close to an hour, but we did end up loving their lemon ricotta pancakes and kale salad.  Now I can cross off this place from our "Places we must go" list.  

Well, the countdown is ON.  I have 2.5 days of work left until Spring Break.  Then, I return to work for 7 more days and will finally begin maternity leave on April 10, 1 week before my due date.  There's much planning work to do before then to make sure that my students are prepped as best as possible for their state test.  Then, I get to relax and have time to gather final necessities for baby!  Mentally and physically, I'm very much looking forward to it.  Especially considering, I almost cried this morning when I discovered one of the few pairs of work pants that still fit were wrinkled in the laundry basket.  I had a pity party for myself--whining to Eric, "I have nothing to wear!"  I need to remember: BREATHE, stay calm, I can do this, and my body can do this.

34 wks + Nekers Belly

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I made Eric take these this Saturday before my prenatal yoga class. I love that class and have gotten so much from the community of mamas, including the teachers.

After class, we went to our friends' Kiersten and Mary's place for a hang out to spend time with them and sweet, new baby son.  I was super surprised and stoked to see old friends at their place, too!  We spent hours smiling at their adorable baby, talking to good folks, and eating amazing treats.  Also, Eric and I soaked up as much learning from the new parents as possible!  We feel lucky to have other parent friends who live nearby.

It makes me excited for our baby shower, which we just sent out the invites for.  It will be low-key--just friends, pizza, drinks, and children's books (we're asking our friends to help us build the baby's library by bringing their favorite books from childhood).

Last, I'll just go ahead and mention here that I've now gained 35 pounds: the maximum weight gain generically recommended for me by the interwebz and doctors.  I still have somewhere around 5 weeks to go and will definitely gain more, but WHATEVS.  It has definitely stressed me out--sometimes more, sometimes less--during this pregnancy, but I've been feeling OK with it for the most part.  Might I have a good hormonal cry over this sometime on the next 5 weeks?  Maybe, but I feel strong and healthy and have more important things to worry about.  My plan is just keep trying to eat healthfully as I can for the baby and do my best to continue to exercise post-baby.  My yoga studio offers Parent + Baby classes so we'll be able to take baby along to our workouts in the beginning!  Plus, SF is a beautiful city for long walks with the stroller and babe.  I have quite a few friends who gained more than what was generically recommended during their pregnancies and they all look amazing.  Just wish me luck!  :)

33 weeks + Lake Tahoe

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our darling friend Selena had a bunch of rad folks up at her family's home in Lake Tahoe to celebrate her birthday.  The weekend was so magical.  We feasted on delicious meals prepared with love, went on a snowy hike, and woke up to loads of snowfall on Sunday morning!

(BTW, the black polka dot blouse from my 30 wks pic wouldn't fit anymore!  Luckily, I remembered this anchor shirt that I like to steal from Eric and probably last wore on our honeymoon.  <3  I am growing SO fast.  This week I had been feeling especially huge and tired.  It turns out that at our visit to the midwife, I learned I had gained close to 5 pounds this week--talk about baby growth spurt!!)

32 weeks + BFF

A couple of weekends ago, my BFF, Erin, flew down from Portland for some quality, ladytime hang out! We had fun walking around the Mission and Oakland. On Sunday, we had a lovely ladybrunch with other girlfriends in Oakland. I was sad to see her go, but an hoping to squeeze in a Portland visit this summer with the little one.

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