This romper + ankle rolls are my fav

Monday, August 19, 2013

These tiny pink and purple cartoon ponies are too sweet!!  Marlo has her Nonni to thank for a whole batch of new, adorable clothes that came just in time as she's already outgrowing much of her 6 months wardrobe.

Today I woke up with Eric's sore throat so we took it easy.  We did manage to go on a walk for lunch with Papa at Herbivore.  We read some books, did some baby stretches, and walked to the Whole Foods on Haight to track down our favorite summer beer.  I may be imagining this, but I swear Marlo is beginning to turn the pages of her board books for me.  Mama's little reader loves story time and I love it.

Mama pics

I've been a bit camera shy since having the baby, but luckily getting over it.  3 1/2 months out, I've been making it to a few regular yoga classes, the ones I used to go to before being pregnant.  I'm trying to be patient with myself as I slowly regain strength and stamina.  Marlo is such a visceral reminder for me to be kind to myself.  I wouldn't want her to feel bad or self-conscious about her body and I know my own body issues can influence the way she views herself.  So I'm just doing my best to be healthy and keep realistic goals, while appreciating my body for everything it does and can do.  To combat some post partum blues about not fitting into old clothes (sounds so vain, but it has bothered me), I tell myself: I am grateful for my body.

And look at that little baby smile--it's too much! Eric has started reciting the prime numbers in a funny voice to Marlo and she loves it!  He did that in order to get her to smile for the bottom pic.  I love it when he announces, "Fibonacci sequence!" and begins reciting those numbers, as well.  Apparently, prime numbers, the Fibonacci sequence, and all over body kisses are the secrets to cracking baby MJ's smile.

The very darling caterpillar

Friday, August 9, 2013

The interwebz has been cracking us up week with this dance and this cat.

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