Miss Marlo: 7 Months!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Trying to catch up on these while the babe naps!  I finally put her in a swing at the park and she LOVED it!  HUGE hit.  Now we try to go every day.

I love these pink moccasins, which were a gift from another mama friend.  Pink moccasins + monkey bum = win. 

Here's my delicious babe inspecting the flower on her swimsuit just before her last swim lesson at the Janet Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center.  They have a saltwater pool, so no chlorine, and we very much enjoyed the lessons!  We sang and "danced" with other babies in the pool and it did wonders for accustoming Marlo to the water.  We're going to sign back up again in March (didn't want to go swimming in Jan & Feb, although it's been warmer in SF Dec & Jan than in Aug!).  

That tote is from this podcast.  My mamafriend told me about a meet up at Zeitgeist to chat with Cristen.  So we went with other fans of the show and had drinks--my first beer with a ladyfriend outside of the house, post-baby!  It was great and Cristen is, of course, funny.  

Marlo and Eric in Hilton Head, SC, for Thanksgiving.  She had just learned how to wave so there she is looking unsure about it.  :)

Seven months was a pretty exciting time!  Marlo learned how to drink from a tiny, normal cup.  On the advice of a child specialist, we used a shot glass because it was just her size and wouldn't break if thrown.  We've since graduated to small, normal glasses.  I didn't know she was old enough to learn that, but the specialist encouraged us to try and she's become an old pro.

Marlo began trying to crawl and would rotate 360 degrees on her belly.

She began "talking" quite a bit more, especially the word "ball."  I'm still not sure if she's intentionally saying it, but when it's obvious we can count it as her first word.

At 7 months, baby girl began exaggerating her moods.  She's always been smiley, but now she'll definitely let you know that she no longer enjoys diaper changes.  Fake cries, as I call them, or big cries without tears made their appearance.  We try to stay calm and reassuring, while not making too big of a deal of it.  Finding that balance can be a challenge.  Hello parenting!  :D

Finally, a huge family change was we moved!  We're now in a beautiful home in Potrero Hill, where it's MUCH warmer and sunnier!  We also have many more conveniences in our home that we didn't have in our NOPA apartment, like parking, laundry, a heater we control, and no steps (before we were up 3 flights of stairs)!  I'm building up a great community of mamafriends in the city and our parking space allows us to visit our friends in the east bay more.  I am SO much happier and am finally beginning to be able to see ourselves staying here for awhile.  

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